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Airwolf GUi 1.0 (GTA Vice City Mod) PC

The Games Main Menu

The games GUi (general user interface) was designed by TheWraith517 and consisted of the main menu modified with an Airwolf image and also the mouse (when on the menu) was a small Airwolf ANI file.

The main menu and loading screens is a basic mod and one of the most simple to install.

The Games Main Loading Screen

This was one of the Loading Screen ideas for the game. Ber in mind at the time (2004) the only people with Airwolf stuff kinda sat on it. A few shared, but not many, so this was the best that could be cooked up at the time with what images where out their.

Wraith said if he was to re-make it, it would be mostly game images used on the GUi

When Exiting The Game

This splash screen was shown when exiting the game back to windows and again was made up with what images could be found.

Wraith said if he was to remake this again, it would feature Airwolf Coming Soon To GTA-SA as a splash screen.

We Have 2 Versions Of This Available

Airwolf S1 & S2 Menu & Load Screens (Manual Install) Here
Airwolf S1 & S2 Menu & Load Screens (VCM Install) Here

Friday, 21 October 2005

Grand Theft Auto: Hill Valley 0.2c Back To The Future (readme / instructions)

Grand Theft Auto: Hill Valley 0.2c Back To The Future (readme / instructions)
(we have made this post for people who got the mod with no readme, we are in No Way affiliated)

-----=====Grand Theft Auto: Hill Valley 0.2c Manual Installation=====-----

Installation of 0.2c
-Just extract all files to your Vice City directory.  Make sure use folder names is checked.

Current Cars
Infernus: BTTF1 DeLorean
Deluxo: BTTF2 DeLorean
Banshee: BTTF3 DeLorean
RC Baron: BTTF2 DeLorean Flying
Skimmer: Flying Train
Rumpo: Lybian's VW Van
Flatbed: Manure Truck
Comet: Griff's BMW 633CSi
Stallion: Doc's car - 1947 Packard Clipper
Cuban Hermes: Biff's 46' Ford
Faggio: Hoverboard
Pizzaboy: Skateboard
Cabbie: 1955 Taxi
Taxi: 1985 Taxi - 1983 Chevrolet Impala Taxi
Police: 1955 Police - 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Police
Enforcer: 1985 Police - Chevy Van G20 "Enforcer"
fbirancher - Ford LTD Crown Victoria LAPD '85
Bus: Doc's Train
Barracks: Manure Truck
Baggage - Railroad DeLorean
Zebra - K.I.T.T. Pontiac Trans Am
Glendale - 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air
Virgo - Citroën 2CV
Esperanto - VW Käfer
Yankee - Cadillac Model 70 V16 1930
Sabre - 81' DeLorean
Cheetah - 04 Delorean

----All features and their key will also be displayed ingame.---- 

Time Travel:
-submission + shoot turns on and off the time circuits
-shoot changes the value
-submission moves the cursur to the next line
-drive to 88 mph to time travel

-hit turret left/right (num 4/5) to switch between driving/flying
-same controls as skimmer during flying mode

RC Mode
-action and sprint to activate
-camera button to change view

Hover Mode:
-to enter hover mode, press the horn key (shift) or handbrake (spacebar), otherwise known as the ascend and descend keys
-Only accessable below 45 mph
-Accelerate, Decelerate, Turn Left, and Turn Right do the same thing
-Horn makes the delorean ascend
-Handbrake (spacebar) makes the delorean descend
-Hitting both accelerate and decelerate will turn off hover mode and put you back on flying mode

Plutonium and Mr. Fusion
-You will be notified when you are out of plutonium/trash
-Go to the back of the car to refillwhere you can get more plutonium
-Trash is found everywhere, so it's unlimited

KITT (controls)
-Autodrive: Action and Shoot
-Scanner: lean up/down and shoot to turn on
-Eject: lean up/down and handbrake to eject
-Weapons: Submission to change weapons
  -Shoot to fire
-Turbo Boost: Horn to jump (taxi boost)
-Pursuit Mode: Hold down lean up/down to activate Pursuit Mode (only active when key is held down)
-Super Pursuit Mode: press turret left/right to activate super pursuit mode
  -To slow down fast, hold down decelerate and handbrake

Griff's BMW Hover Mode
-same as delorean, except turret left/right makes the car go up and turret up/down makes it go down.

Lybian Chase
-Steal Plutonium from the Trash Place, and Lybians will spawn outside and chase you

-Press the turret left/right button to latch on to a vehicle (Doesn't work on long vehicles)
-Press lean up/down to break away

Modding Team (on Moddb)
Delorean88us - Coder, Sounds, Minor modeling, misc stuff
K.I.T.T. - Radio Stations, Trailers
Nightshade - Mapping
K1902000 - Car Modeling
Carlos E.G.L (aka Carlos85g) - Time Machine Modeling
TheMacNerd - Script Writing

-DMagic for his wheel mod
-Yuri Antipin for making the base Delorean
-Moodog for converting the Delorean to Midtown Madness 2 and adding BTTF parts
-Carlos E.G.L. for his conversion and modifications of the deloreans to NFS4
-Silver007 for his bttf deloreans conversions from NFS4
-K1092000 for Griff's BMW, Doc's Packard, Biff's Ford, the Manure Truck, the 04 Delorean, the VW Microbus
-Phil for KITT
-K.I.T.T. for his radio stations
-Booshman for the Loading Screens
-Daniel Low for his Delorean Engine Sounds
-Back to the Future Trilogy for the bttf sounds
-Knight Rider for KITT sounds
-Spooky for the IMG Tool
-Steve M for the Collision File Editor II
-Barton Waterduck for the Vice City Mission Builder 1.5
-Nullpointer for his sound tool
-Delfi for the TXD Workshop for its help in making this mod a reality
-Raresh for the No Loading Screens Mod
-GTA Classics for The Chevrolet Bel Air and variations, Ford Crown Victoria
-JVT for the Cadillac model 70 and Cadillac 37-90 V16 Cabriolet
-BJiz for the VW Beetle
-Phil for the Citroen 2CV
-Pumbars for the Chevy Van G20 "Enforcer"
-NSIS for the installer


-First time Ingame help
-New Installer
-More cars
-New updated delorean model
-Calendar system
-New sounds (doors, KITT Jump, license plate)
-New Time Circuits
-Time Machine Garage
-New plutonium location
-Lybians now will chase you if you steal plutonium
-"Glowing" Vents on the flying time machines
-Skateboard and Hoverboard added
-Players can hang onto a vehicle with the skateboard/hoverboard
-Car Spawn Locations changed
-More varius bug fixes

-More Delorean Model Fixes
-RC Mode added
-Delorean can time travel regardless if player is in the car or not
-KITT's autodrive removed
-KITT's keypresses changed
-Blue explosions
-Longer fire trails
-Griff's BMW added

-Delorean Model fixes
-Time Travel changes two buildings depending on the year
-Minutes can now be changed
-Real Time
-Various bug fixes
-KITT added
  -pursuit mode and super pursuit mode
  -talking KITT
-Some new loading screens

-Inital Version

Monday, 17 January 2005

Bell Huey 1.0 (GTA Vice City Mod) PC

Bell Huey 1.0 (GTA Vice City Mod) PC
Made by DUCATI 996

This is for the PC version of the game, but could be adapted onto iOS devices.

The readme states it doesn't have its own COL file, yet one is included in the Zip (no doubt that is the original in case users are replacing a previously already modded heli that did have a col) common mistake for many people.

Download: (manual install) Here




Sorry if this is short ;-), but I only have one arm atm since my left ellbow was operated last week... so I thought to cheer me up a bit
I will try and release this baby of mine. I think it turned out pretty good... The original Rockstar "Maverick has been overworked
and changed into a wannabe Bell-Huey... free out of my own twisted mind and with reference from real pics... (if someone is offended
by the nice pictures included, just swap them in the .txd and make sure to create new alphas too, or else it will look odd, lol...!!!).
Handling lines and stuff is more or less the basic maverick settings. Col file too..., maybe I will make one later with an open back...

Credits goes to Rockstar for the deformed bodyshell (;-)), JarraMono (Commando Funebrero) for the lovely M-60 gun, Google for the
reference pics and of course myself "Ducati996" for all the additional deformations and modelling... I tried to keep it fairly lowpoly
and experimented a lot with alpha textures ( engine, interior, fan units!!, pics and writings inside the cockpit and the logo outside...).

Polycount is 32690 as far as I could figure, including chassis_vlo, the alpha rotors as well as all the dummies...

Hope you all like it and have fun with it...

Don't abuse this model please, it's my own creation, ask for permission if you wanna modify it or release it in any other way... permission for
hosting the file is granted as long as you credit my humble self for the work and include this readme file... Thanks.


- my Rockstar Bell-Huey !!        Rockstar Bell-Huey !!            Maverick    no .col file for now...

255,255,255        # 109 Bianco Polar            Lamborghini
0,0,0            # 111 Nero Perseus            Lamborghini
255,234,0        # 113 My Gold try            Gold
146,101,26        # 114 My brown beige        brown beige
180,180,155        # 116 Silver Sand            Escalade
13,18,45            # 121 BlueDark            blue
63,74,93            # 132 my Blue            grey blue dark

maverick, 116,116, 114,114, 78,78, 43,43, 121,121, 132,132, 109,109, 111,111

217,     maverick,        maverick,         car,         MAVERICK,    MAVERIC,        null,    ignore,        10,    7,    0,        256, 0.7

MAVERICK        6000.0 2.5 8.0 2.5 0.0 0.0 -0.1  75  0.65 0.9  0.5  1 200.0 16.0 4 P 5.0   0.45 0 30.0  5.0  0.15 0.30 0.75 45000 0.50 -0.05 0.5  0.0        8028000        0  1

$    MAVERICK    0.7        0.75    -0.001    0.02    0.20    0.0065     7.0    0.0065    7.0     0.4        0.012        0.997        0.800    0.820    0.996        0.0        0.0        7.0

Origial release file name