Under NO circumstances do you post anything such as "this addon / mod killed my game"
NOR do you post anything such as "This Doesn't Work"
Making such a post will get your comment delete and you'll be blocked from posting anything upon this blog.

Harsh?, no not really... We are all sick of stupid people putting off other people using mods and addon's (saying they don't work OR they cause problems) When in reality they were to stupid to get it to work. Many users appear to assume we upload some form of mods and addon's that don't yet work.. Why would we do that?,  here's a mod.. but it doesn't work.get a grip.. If something needs work we note it.. where fans of the show.. we know what it needs.. we work with what we have and what we know.. if something is problematic we say so and we are smart enough to explain why..

Also before clicking Publish on your comment, try copying your comment and pasting it into google and replace the word Airwolf in your question with the word Mod and include the GTA version. The answer you seek will of already been asked. If your still stuck, comment upon the mod / addon you have problems with, if their is no post to comment on then chances are its not our mod, its not Airwolf related, we just aint got around to it.. or where dead... But every question you could ever ask about GTA.. someone has asked it and google will find it.

Terminology Help

Addon = An Extra Item In Game
Mod = Replace An Item In Game For Another Item

Biggest GTA Mistakes

COL files have a file name (and an internal file name) just like a Font does, Both external and Internal name much be changed.
Mods and Tools failing to work is generally down to forgetting to Remove the "read only" from ALL Files and ALL Folders.
Most game crashes are down to forgetting to Delete the old DFF and TXD file from the IMG or forgetting to Rebuild the IMG.
Other common crash causing is replacing a 4 door car with a 2 door, this is down to invalid FLAG settings and most Stat editors or Manual editing of CFG and IDE files can solve that.
Some mods need the Col replacing, some don't, its risky replacing a col file, then replacing that mod with another mod that has No col file as clearly it probably used the original col you replaced. 


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