Saturday, 28 August 2004

Airwolf Billboards 1.0 (GTA Vice City Mod) PC

This mod placed Airwolf related posters on billboards and could be seen down by the Airport.

This mod was just 1 file to replace in the gta IMG file and was called ap_billboard.txd  which you used Vice TXD to Edit the images and IMG Tool to install it.

We have 2 downloads for this

1.0 Manual Install Here
1.0 VCM Install Here

Original Readme.txt

*** The Airwolf 2004 MOD TEaM ***
       Airwolf Billboards
28th August 2004 (View Full Screen with word Wrap Off)
Manual Install
For Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Airport Billboards

just replace your   ap_billboard.txd
with my  ap_billboard.txd

inside  gta3.img
use spookys img tool and delete the original
(replace option don't work)

use it, host it, edit it, anyway you want  :)