Sunday, 11 January 2015

Airwolf GUi 1.0 (GTA Vice City Mod) PC

The Games Main Menu

The games GUi (general user interface) was designed by TheWraith517 and consisted of the main menu modified with an Airwolf image and also the mouse (when on the menu) was a small Airwolf ANI file.

The main menu and loading screens is a basic mod and one of the most simple to install.

The Games Main Loading Screen

This was one of the Loading Screen ideas for the game. Ber in mind at the time (2004) the only people with Airwolf stuff kinda sat on it. A few shared, but not many, so this was the best that could be cooked up at the time with what images where out their.

Wraith said if he was to re-make it, it would be mostly game images used on the GUi

When Exiting The Game

This splash screen was shown when exiting the game back to windows and again was made up with what images could be found.

Wraith said if he was to remake this again, it would feature Airwolf Coming Soon To GTA-SA as a splash screen.

We Have 2 Versions Of This Available

Airwolf S1 & S2 Menu & Load Screens (Manual Install) Here
Airwolf S1 & S2 Menu & Load Screens (VCM Install) Here

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