Monday, 17 January 2005

Bell Huey 1.0 (GTA Vice City Mod) PC

Bell Huey 1.0 (GTA Vice City Mod) PC
Made by DUCATI 996

This is for the PC version of the game, but could be adapted onto iOS devices.

The readme states it doesn't have its own COL file, yet one is included in the Zip (no doubt that is the original in case users are replacing a previously already modded heli that did have a col) common mistake for many people.

Download: (manual install) Here




Sorry if this is short ;-), but I only have one arm atm since my left ellbow was operated last week... so I thought to cheer me up a bit
I will try and release this baby of mine. I think it turned out pretty good... The original Rockstar "Maverick has been overworked
and changed into a wannabe Bell-Huey... free out of my own twisted mind and with reference from real pics... (if someone is offended
by the nice pictures included, just swap them in the .txd and make sure to create new alphas too, or else it will look odd, lol...!!!).
Handling lines and stuff is more or less the basic maverick settings. Col file too..., maybe I will make one later with an open back...

Credits goes to Rockstar for the deformed bodyshell (;-)), JarraMono (Commando Funebrero) for the lovely M-60 gun, Google for the
reference pics and of course myself "Ducati996" for all the additional deformations and modelling... I tried to keep it fairly lowpoly
and experimented a lot with alpha textures ( engine, interior, fan units!!, pics and writings inside the cockpit and the logo outside...).

Polycount is 32690 as far as I could figure, including chassis_vlo, the alpha rotors as well as all the dummies...

Hope you all like it and have fun with it...

Don't abuse this model please, it's my own creation, ask for permission if you wanna modify it or release it in any other way... permission for
hosting the file is granted as long as you credit my humble self for the work and include this readme file... Thanks.


- my Rockstar Bell-Huey !!        Rockstar Bell-Huey !!            Maverick    no .col file for now...

255,255,255        # 109 Bianco Polar            Lamborghini
0,0,0            # 111 Nero Perseus            Lamborghini
255,234,0        # 113 My Gold try            Gold
146,101,26        # 114 My brown beige        brown beige
180,180,155        # 116 Silver Sand            Escalade
13,18,45            # 121 BlueDark            blue
63,74,93            # 132 my Blue            grey blue dark

maverick, 116,116, 114,114, 78,78, 43,43, 121,121, 132,132, 109,109, 111,111

217,     maverick,        maverick,         car,         MAVERICK,    MAVERIC,        null,    ignore,        10,    7,    0,        256, 0.7

MAVERICK        6000.0 2.5 8.0 2.5 0.0 0.0 -0.1  75  0.65 0.9  0.5  1 200.0 16.0 4 P 5.0   0.45 0 30.0  5.0  0.15 0.30 0.75 45000 0.50 -0.05 0.5  0.0        8028000        0  1

$    MAVERICK    0.7        0.75    -0.001    0.02    0.20    0.0065     7.0    0.0065    7.0     0.4        0.012        0.997        0.800    0.820    0.996        0.0        0.0        7.0

Origial release file name

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